About Us

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Our Mission at Tidy Tangerine, LLC

Our mission at Tidy Tangerine, LLC is to provide Nashville commercial businesses with exceptional customer service and exceed the standards in commercial and office cleaning across Nashville. We take pride in being the first line of defense against Nashville germs. Allowing you, your employees, and customers to enjoy a clean, safe, and energized working environment. 

We offer personalized commercial office cleaning packages to delight our clients. Having a clean office facility and business helps increase productivity and lowers occupation and safety problems in Nashville. We recognize the significance of the high level of standard needed to keep your commercial facilities safe, which is why we conduct quality checks at each client location. 

To accomplish a high level of clean, we work hard to find the best Nashville employees to care for your space. To attract the best employees, we offer a livable wage, continuous training, and a fun culture for the Tidy Tangerine Tribe to thrive. 

About the Founder

Tidy Tangerine, LLC was founded by Stephanie Sullivan an 8-year Navy veteran.  Where she learned the invaluable skills of hard work, problem solving, leadership, and teamwork. These skills pushed her into the world of small business ownership after gaining her degree in Business Systems and Analytics. When Stephanie isn’t working with the Tidy Tangerine Tribe, she can be found, walking her Frenchie named Francis, traveling to different countries, hunting down new restaurants, or hosting game nights with friends.